Why the Libertarian Party is unable to find success as a 3rd Party

We all complain about our broken two-party system. Few meaningful reforms are ever passed in our federal government because one of the two major parties is always blocking or investigating the other party. An environment like this would seemingly guarantee the emergence of a successful 3rd party. Despite being the most well-known 3rd party group available, the Libertarian Party has been unable to attain much success running as a 3rd party, failing to win elections or even garner significant support. This failure is due to both the failure of the Libertarian Party to apply the principles of other major political parties in the past, as well as the fundamental philosophy of Libertarianism in general.

A close look at the formation of the Republican party will give insight as to why the Libertarian Party is unable to find success. The Republican party was a loose formation of 3 main political parties, the Whig party, the Free-Soil Party, and the Know-Nothing party. The Whig party was the main counterpart to the Democratic party in the first half of the 19th century and collapsed in the 1850’s when it hopelessly splintered over sectional differences on slavery. The Free-Soil party was a minor political party active in the 1840’s and 1850’s, located almost exclusively in the northern part of the country, whose main purpose was to oppose slavery, The Know-Nothing party was a minor nativist political party also active in the 1840’s and 1850’s, which arose in opposition to the increase in immigration from German and Irish peoples. The splintered fragments of the Whig party, along with the minor Free-Soil and Know-Nothing parties threatened to hopelessly splinter the northern vote, handing many national elections to the southern-dominated portion of the Democratic party. The only way to stop the dominance of the southern portion of the Democratic party was to unify the fragments of many political entities into a new party behind a strong unifying presence. Abraham Lincoln was the strong unifying presence who was able to seamlessly mold the Whig, Free-Soil, and Know-Nothing parties into a new powerful Republican party that would go on to dominate American politics for decades to come.

The Libertarian party is a very fragmented group of political entities that have no common voice. Occasionally, a figure like Gary Johnson in 2012 and 2016 will emerge who claims to be the voice of the Libertarian Party, but often will not even have a lot of support within the party itself. Also, the Libertarian principles of strong independence in opposition to strong governmental forces in the federal government by nature discourage unifying into a strong political entity.

If the whole purpose of Libertarianism is to limit authoritarian and centralized power, it is hard for those same principles to be applied to then unify into a strong entity which could then become authoritarian and centralized. Ultimately, if it wants to become a major player in American politics, the Libertarian Party will have to unify its fragment portions into one general political party, and then choose a strong unifying individual to become its leader.



How to tell the difference between good and bad personal injury lawyers

When filing for a personal injury claim, you’re not mandated to hire a personal injury lawyer. However, statistics prove that any personal injury claimant that’s being represented by an attorney has higher chances of their benefits being approved mostly at the hearing level. In most cases it is unlikely that a claimant knows a personal injury lawyer off the top of their head. How do you ensure that the attorney you hire is good enough and will do their best to get you the benefits? Here’s how to tell the difference between good and bad personal injury lawyers.

Attorney access.

Whether you go for a private attorney or use a firm, a good lawyer will always let you schedule a free consultation at first. This is not to mean that you are allowed unlimited access. Bear in mind that your personal injury lawyer probably spends most of their time representing other clients in hearings. You should not get offended if another member of the staff picks your calls or your sessions are limited. It is however a red flag when you can’t get through to your personal injury lawyer. If they also don’t get back to you after you’ve been trying them then it’s time to get another personal injury lawyer.

Case and office management.

Personal injury firms are most often busy but you should always have a contact person that can answer any questions you may have. The lawyer should also make an effort to contact you regularly or have the contact person contact you. a good lawyer will have no problem answering all questions to your satisfaction including how he’ll handle your case even when he has others to attend to.

Courtesy and professionalism.

When you first make contact with your personal injury lawyer, pay attention to how professional and courteous they are. How does their staff treat you? Do you get timely callbacks? Do they keep avoiding answering your questions? If your personal injury lawyer is neither professional nor courteous then you need better representation.

Guarantee of outcomes.

It is unfair and utterly unethical for a personal injury lawyer to promise you that they will get your benefits approved. Any good personal injury attorney can only give their honest assessment after they have reviewed all facts related to your case. Hey will also have no problem admitting that they might not get the case approved but will do anything in their power to represent you fully.

Approval rates and credentials.

Personal injury hearings don’t really require attorneys, much so one that is licensed. However, a licensed personal injury lawyer will have better understanding of the law and will come in handy if your case gets to federal court. You should also check their approval rates. It would be unwise to go for a lawyer who has way more losses than wins.

How can you get a good personal injury lawyer?

The main differences between bad and good personal injury lawyer are based on how they treat their clients. With the above 5 tips, you will be able to weed out any bad personal injury lawyer from a good one.

Why The Intellectual Dark Web (IDW) Is Extremely Important

The dark web has always been to some extent considered a shady internet section. It is a home of shady dealings that cannot be traced to the original people. But what is the Intellectual dark Web?

Intellectual dark Web (IDW) refers to a movement or group of thinkers looking to create a platform in which cultural discourse is civil and fact based.

Bari Weiss, a staff editor and writer of the New York Times, in his recent featured op-ed article talked about what is to be expected when you sit in a group of IDW members.

You expect to hear: about free speech being under siege and Identity politics being a toxic ideology that is tearing the American society apart. He pointed out that we were in dangerous times if such ideas were being considered dark.

He was right; it is true that anybody who tried to venture into such topics was met with outrage and derision.
But he was able to enlighten us on what IDW really was and what it comprised of. The members whom he defined as great thinkers, academic and media personalities who are enegades and iconoclastic’ – are willing to talk about any important matters concerning us that some people would rather not talk about.

The IDW is now no doubt rising as a uzzling political force’ which is talking about the support of nlightment values.’ It defines itself by plunging into third-rail topics such as racial differences and genetics of gender – Topics that currently seem to be even more heated in Trump’s era.

The members of the group surprisingly have nothing in common, but their impact on the political society is no doubt being felt.

Some Exclusive Dark Web Intellectual members

DWI consists of some exclusive popular members who have the power to voice their opinions and be quite influential – That is if people are willing to listen.

The list comprises of popular personalities such as:

oSam Harris – popular science and philosophical writer.

oJordan Peterson – a professor and clinical Psychologist.

oBret Weinstein – Evolutionary bloggist.

oJoe Rogan – podcast host an MMA commentator.

oAyaan Hirsi Ali – a human rights activist.

oDave Rubin – the host of the Talk Show.

oChristina Hoff summers – a scholar of the American Enterprise Institute.

The list is still growing and attracting its audience who are in actual agreements of their philosophies.
The members make quite some interesting arguments and heated debates which seem to be well supported by the fact that they have quite different political and philosophical views.

For instance, Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson have had many interesting and heated debates that have shown to impress quite a number of fans – to even suggesting that the two need a bigger platform.

It doesn’t matter to the public that the DUO, for example, are not perfect avatars of truth or such deep intellect, but any person who has listened to them will want to know them more. It is no wonder that the two and other popular persons in the DWI are now making quite an Impression.

It will take much more than is being done today in order to bring out the renaissance of ideas and visions for new cultural and human potentials – and DWI is the first step.

Immigration Facts You Don’t Know

In this article, we will list some of the lesser known facts related to immigration. We will also address some popular statements, which are commonly repeated but not completely accurate.

Did Obama really deport more immigrants than any other president?

2.5 million people were deported during the administration of Barack Obama, which is a record-setting number. However, some factors should be considered, before making any large statements. Although that number is correct, it is mostly influenced by the difference in the definition of deportation during Obama’s administration, when compared to previous presidents.

To elaborate, at the time of Obamas administration, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement changed some factors about what people should get counted in the Immigration statistic. That is mostly true for the deportation on the US – Mexican border. Majority of the people who were counted as deported immigrants during Obama’s presidency wouldn’t be a part of the previous lists. On the contrary, the US would previously define these people as voluntary returns and didn’t count them in their statistics.

It is estimated that almost two-thirds of immigrants that were deported by Obama would previously not be defined as deportations. Thus, although Obama did deport a lot of people in his time, the fact that he beat all his predecessors with this number may not be entirely true.

Trump keeps giving misleading statements about immigration.

To counter those who attack him for his ideas against immigrants, Trump occasionally gives completely false statements. Let’s take a look at one of his comments that were proven to be untrue:

Visa lottery entrants are randomly chosen indeed; however, they have to pass many strict requirements before they apply. They have to provide medical and police reports, education and work experience, to name a few.

This statement is just an example, and there are countless remarks about Trump providing misleading immigration information on a regular basis.

Lawful immigrants facts

More than 33 million lawful immigrants permanently live in the US, according to the most recent statistics. Although media mostly covers illegal immigrants, deportations, and similar news, there are many surprising facts about those who legally found their place as US residents:

– More than million green cards are granted each year. However, most of the immigrants that received permanent resident status have a member of the family in the US. To be exact: a relative or a close friend have sponsored 65% of them.

– In general, lawful immigrants arrive from different areas than their illegal counterparts. Pew Research Center estimates the percent of immigrants who come from Asia, Canada, and the Carribean and have a green card, is much higher than for those from Mexico. However, when we look at the numbers, more than 170 000 Mexicans with approved resident status come to the US each year, which is more than China and India combined.

– Most lawful immigrants reside in large cities. They prefer New York and Los Angeles, while some of them also live in Miami, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington DC. More than 40 percent of lawful immigrants reside in these six cities.

– 75% of the legal immigrants are in the working age (18-64), which is a very high percentage, especially when you compare it with the US-born residents (60%). They occupy 20% of the entire US workforce when it comes to farming and similar occupations, while less than 9% does office related jobs.

The Benefits and Limitations of Entering England Today as an Immigrant

There are many immigrants enter England for a variety of reasons. And the pros and cons of immigration have been greatly discussed in many quarters, including the media. There are different economic together with labor market factors making England remain a top immigration destination. There are also many benefits that migrating to England provide the immigrant, though it comes also with some limitations.

According to a 2014 London School of Economics survey, there were around 863, 000 individuals illegally living in Britain. Out of those, 604,000 were living in London.

The LSE report also said by definition it is not easy to exact on numbers involved. It said illegal immigrants involved people who illegally entered the country and those people who have overstayed, though they legally entered. The report authors believe most illegal residents are those who legally entered, but have overstayed.

So, what makes immigrants prefer England and their immigration policy?

Established networks, study opportunities, and language are all factors encouraging people to migrate to England. The most common reason why non-British citizens were reported in a 2016 survey to be coming to the UK was work. Around 50 percent came for work, while those who came for studies was 27 percent. Lastly, migrating for family reasons were reported to be 17 percent.

Particularly, the report says EU citizens were specifically likely to come for work, and non-EU citizens, on the other hand, were more likely to report coming either for family reasons or study.

The migration history of the UK also is a major contributor to present migration inflows into England. Existing family plus community networks in the country are said to facilitate new migration through reducing migration risks and support individuals upon their arrival. The networks may facilitate a search for work and reduce housing and childcare costs.

Also, historical and cultural connections with other countries, like former commonwealth nations, also are thought to encourage immigration.

People also choose to immigrate to England because of language factor. English is a ubiquitous worldwide language and, therefore, would likely influence many individuals to choose England as a destination.

What are the limitations that immigrants face when trying to enter England? It should be noted that Britons view immigration as among the biggest issues facing the society. This is according to many research and surveys reports about the present state of affairs in Britain.

Immigration policy, policies on trade, study and employment also may be a limitation to the immigrants who want to enter England today. For instance, the country has made it harder for students who want to study and at the same time work in order to send money back home.

A poll commissioned by Migration Watch indicated that 70 percent of those surveyed believed there should be some limit on the number of foreign students that come to Britain, some of them ending up as immigrants.

There are countries where old UK passport holders had to go through more trouble such as British Passport Hong Kong holders, or British Passport Indian passport holders, places that used to be colonized, were passed back over, and now a lot of people are left in limbo.

According to an article appearing in The Guardian, it is no surprise that after several years of uncontrolled immigration, England has a sizeable population of immigrants, and it is determined to get immigration under control. The immigration control policies have led to a reduction in the number of immigrants over the past years.

England still remains attractive for immigrants due to many reasons. Work, study, and community networks are among factors that make it a magnet for many immigrants, though the immigrants also face a number of limitations like finding formal employment among others.

What should you do in a litigation case where you can’t afford a lawyer

In some instances, the justice gap can hinder you from getting legal service. But you should not let this happen. No one is above the law. You should not just give up on your rite due to some financial constraints. Every citizen in any given country has the right to counsel.

If you so badly need an attorney in a litigation case and yet can’t afford one, there are several options at your disposal. However, the services offered vary depending on the country, state, and city. But at least they are available.

First, you should research about the available options within your region. If you cannot afford a lawyer, you can get legal aid. Legal aid encompasses free attorney representation services for those who cannot afford a lawyer. They are provided pro-bono/for the public good.

There are some organizations specifically structured to at least offer these pro-bono services. A good research in your region will reveal the reliable and dependable ones. Here are the available options for legal aid

Try Pro Bono attorneys

At least every lawyer is expected to volunteer for some cases. This is a legal requirement in law practice. So you should not shy off from contacting any given lawyer. You might be surprised the attorney might decide to donate their legal representation services to you.

Visit Funded Law Firms

There are some law firms that work as non-profit organizations. They receive funds from well-wishers such as private downers, Law Society, and other grants. However such law firms could be specialized only in certain cases so if your case falls within their mandate you will be helped

Try Legal Clinics

These clinics are specialized in handling civil cases. They do not do criminal ones. They are funded by Legal Service Co-operation so they do not need any profit from you. So if you visit them you and meet their needy-criteria of selection you will be assisted.

Try out getting law school student to assist

Under the supervision of a faculty head who is a practicing lawyer, a law school student can provide legal assistance to you. So if you know of any you can ask for aid. However, this will vary depending on where you stay and the rule governing your region.

If the worse comes to the worst shop out an attorney

I mean try pricing an attorney. Mention the amount you have no matter how small. You might think an attorney is too expensive only to realize they can offer some discounts to you. Even if they may not offer a pro-bono service, they might just take a little money. It looks a desperate measure but what do you have to lose when you are in a desperate situation. Hunt around and get one to assist.

They say the law is not black and white; there are variations that can be utilized to make you win over a case you were destined to lose. But, without a lawyer chances of winning might be minimal. So exploit the above options and get a good legal representation.

Ways on small businesses fight back legally against big business.

They are part of the new small business enterprises that are opened every day. At the rate they are going, they could also be part of the churned small enterprises. Majority of small business owners entering the market daily. In the beginning, they are brimming with bright optimism and bright ideas. By the end, they wonder how they could have made it succeed their business with the high competition with big business enterprises. Small companies can play in this business game to fight back legally against big business big.

Size Matter.
Small businesses have the advantage in just that: their size!
Unlike larger corporations, small businesses are postured to agilely and quickly remedy cost-effective processes, products, and services. Also, small businesses can advantageously leverage their span of control as it is more cross-functional and less hierarchical than larger competitors. Hence, revisions can be implemented and evident to the consumer before problems become systemically ingrained. Utilize your business size and its mobility to deliver effective results for your consumers and your employees.

Dedicate your Wits
While cash flow is a routine focus for business sustenance and growth, do not neglect the need for creative brainpower. As tiring as constant innovation and inventiveness can be when intermingled with ever-changing products, services and finances, understand thriving enterprises analyze the market for the best opportunities to meet consumer demand.
Your business is static until you make it dynamic.

Know Yourself to Know Your Business.
Competition is rampant, and it can affect sales. There are enough resources to support the small business owners . If you look around at the varying small organizations in a city district, you should be encouraged! For the most part, these businesses offer similar products and services as larger companies, yet they still thrive. Know what you offer and tout your uniqueness. A small business is an external expression of its owner. So just doing what you do is differentiation! Recognize it, and champion it as a unique resource available only through your gateway.

Listen to the Beat
You don’t have to have expensive customer feedback mechanisms to know what your customers are saying. Feedback comes your way all the time in hushed compliments and verbose criticisms.Be a pulse chaser! In other words, seek what’s hot. Pulse chasing companies experience business progression and growth beyond the box in which they initially started. Don’t just ask customers if they satisfied. Strive to exceed their expectations. There certainly exist tangent markets of an available market share if you’re willing to listen to what that market says.

Do It Already
Knowing what to do and not doing it is insanity. The point of business ownership lies in the freedom to mold your ideas into a value-added good or service. Execution is the lacking factor capable of diversifying your product into a money-making entity versus a money-sucking unit. Implementing other processes and streamlining existing ones are not necessarily easy steps, but such analyses are relevant and can result in longstanding progressive actions. Lean and agile corporations anticipate customer demand, but the battle is won in how they back up their hunch with consistently salable products or services.

Business is rhythmic.
Hang in there long enough to learn your business’ battle rhythm. Decisions can then be made proactively versus actively, which gives the small business owners an offensive positioning. The only way you’ll know any of this data, however, is through defining new processes, assessing their relevance and reassessing the overall process for positive positioning.

And that takes time…so hang in there! Emme specializes in process improvement and turnaround strategies for the small business owners . She enjoys business analysis and the creativity required for innovative recommendations that deliver sustained results.

How Much Power Does the US President Really Have?

The president of the United States has been entrusted with the power to a certain level that is in accordance with the constitution. The president of the United States is well aware of his power and is required to work within the legal confines. The president knows that he has a limited tenure and the Congress could remove him from power should he go against the law. Let us explore how much power the American president has and whether or not the current US president Donald Trump is abusing the same.

First, the US president is the commander in chief. He has the mandate to command the army and has full authority over the military policy that is inclusive of individuals around the world. The US president is supposed to implement and enforce the written laws, appoint the federal agencies that include the cabinet. Secondly, the president is the head of state that is he represents power and authority over the people of the United States. He heads the government and is in full power of the political activities happening in the government. He is responsible for appointing key personnel in the government such as the ambassadors, cabinet secretaries as well as the heads of agencies such as NSA, FBI, and CIA. The Federal Reserve banks chairman who holds a powerful position in the economy is also appointed by the president. He appoints judges of the supreme courts who interpret the Law of the US constitution and solve disputes.

Additionally, the US president acts as a de facto leader across the globe. This means that most of the countries around the world consult him before undertaking an important activity. For instance, Libya has on several occasions consulted the US for aid and support. Likewise, the US president has the power to veto bills or sign the legislation into law presented to him by the Congress unless they have 2/3 votes in the two houses. Likewise, the president has the power to grant pardons and reprieves for the federal offenses.

A significant number of people in the US and across the globe believe that Trump is abusing and misusing his presidential powers. The trump administration according to research poses a great threat to the law, for instance, the current present recently fired James Comey who was the FBI director. He asked the FBI director to stop investigating Michael Flynn who was once an advisor in the national security. This according to the Americans is an abuse of power.The president is not in any way allowed to grant pardon to people in a way that obstructs justice. He has currently been spotted consulting his advisers on his power to pardon individuals including him. In the event where the present is proven to have pardoned his close aid or family in a way that obstructs justice, he is likely to be persecuted.

In the US today, there are raising questions concerning the powers of the president within the stipulated law. Immediately Donald Trump became the present, his temperament and decision-making have been questioned as he disregards the policy experts to favor other advisors that have no experience.

OJ Simpson Is Out on Parole

O.J Simpson, the former disgraced American NFL player has been granted parole after nine years behind bars. ‘The juice’, as he was known in his glorious days in the NFL shot to the world podium in what back then was referred to as the ‘Trial of the Century’. That was back in 1995 when his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson was found murdered by stabbing alongside her friend Ronald Goldman. O.J burst into the limelight when he was arrested for the double homicide and tried in what turned out to be the biggest media spectacle of the time. The Hall of Fame sports personality was then tried in a long running battle that was among the first trials to be shot for live television. He put up one of the most expensive defenses even though the disgrace that the accusations had brought his way would be hard to undo. There was a feeling back then among part of the American society that O.J was being unfairly judged and scrutinized for a number of reasons. The biggest argument being that he was subjected to humiliation by virtue of being a successful black man that had married a white woman.

The sportsman was acquitted of the murder charges after a long and publicized battle in court and some felt justice had been denied in this case. Among the biggest and most controversial court sessions was when he was made to try on gloves that had been found at the murder scene and suspected of belonging to the perpetrator. Lucky for him, they were too small to fit his hands.

Fast forward to 2008 and bad luck seemed to follow the fallen athlete ever since that trial in 1995. The former star was convicted of 12 counts and sentenced to 33 years in jail from a 2008 trial ruling that found him guilty of among others, robbery, assault and conspiracy. This is after he and other men in his company were accused of holding up a hotel at gun point in an attempt to recover what O.J termed as his personal sports memorabilia from his NFL days. The sentence had seemed harsh to some and as an attempt to punish him for the 1995 trial.

Recently, O.J Simpson was a subject of a parole hearing that filed in his favor for early release as he was found to meet all the prerequisite requirements an inmate requires to be granted parole. He managed to garner the support of four out of the seven parole commissioners that sat to hear his case. The hearing created a light moment when one of the commissioners confused his age for 90 instead of 70 years old. The now aged star still maintains that he was doing what he thought was right at the time although he apologized for his behavior and let it known that he had learnt from his past. He also highlighted that he was now a reformed man who had served his sentence as well as anyone could. Simpson is said to have scored between 0-2 points in the point system used to gauge an inmates suitability for parole. It also helped that his family testified for him as well as Bruce Fromong, one of the sports memorabilia dealers he was accused of robbing who testified that O.J never pointed a gun at him, one of his accomplices was the one who did. Neither he or his family members present could hide their joy after his parole hearing ruling has been read out. The star is expected to be formally released in October after serving 9 out of the 33 years that were his sentence.

The top 3 Times a Judge Made a Bad Decision in a Major Case

It is safe to assume that justice is always served in a court of law. But that’s not always the case. There are some rulings that call to question not just the ruling the but the long-held assumptions that courts in democratic nations around the world are incorruptible. These bad judgements can have a detrimental effect on not just the petitioner but the society, with social and political impacts that can change the way we live.

While most judges do their job with the utmost fairness, there are some striking examples of bad court opinions. The following are the top 3.

1. Margaret Bessen vs. Stuart Bessen of East Northport, Long Island (2010)

In this typical divorce case, the couple accused each other of everything from child mistreatment to threats of violence against one another. But it was the judge’s series of decisions that make it an interesting case. To begin with, the judge ruled that Stuart will pay Margaret $200 a week in child support and $500 a month for car payments. But when he failed to honor the car payments and the car was repossessed, the judge did nothing.

When claims of child mistreatment arose during the hearing, the judge seemed to take Stuart’s side by ordering Margaret undergo psychological evaluation. This ruling meant that Margaret was now considered a danger to her own children and while abuse by either parent remained unsubstantiated, the judge awarded full custody of the children to Stuart and ordered Margaret to pay $153.90 a week child support. This is despite the fact that Margaret makes $13,000 a year and tax returns showed Stuart made $528,000.

2. Kelo vs. The City of New London (2005)

The City of New London envisioned a development plan that was earmarked to revitalize the city’s economy. To do this, the city purchased land for the project from willing sellers. But at some point, some of the sellers reneged on their decision to sell. The city in response, commenced condemnation on the seller’s property. The sellers brought a case to the state court saying the City had no right to take their property, terming it a violation of the “public use” restriction in the Fifth Amendment’s Taking’s Clause.

The state court granted a restraining order, preventing the city from taking some of the properties but denied relief to others. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court upheld all the proposed takings in a landmark ruling June 23, 2005. In its ruling the court stated that the proposed disposition of the property qualifies as “public use.”

3. Lucas vs. South Carolina Coastal Council (1992)

The petitioner, Lucas purchased beach-front property in 1986 with the intention to build homes on the property. At the time of purchase, his lots were not subject to the state’s coastal zone building permit requirements. The state enacted the Beachfront Management Act in 1988, barring Lucas from building homes on the property.

He filed a law suit saying that even though the Act was lawful and within South Carolina’s mandate, it made it impossible for him to derive any “economically viable use” of his property and as such he should be justly compensated under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. The State court agreed, granting him $1.2 million in compensation. But the case went all the way to Supreme Court which reversed the state court’s ruling, saying that when a regulation is meant to prevent harmful used of the property, no compensation is due to the owner regardless of the property’s value.