How Much Power Does the US President Really Have?

The president of the United States has been entrusted with the power to a certain level that is in accordance with the constitution. The president of the United States is well aware of his power and is required to work within the legal confines. The president knows that he has a limited tenure and the Congress could remove him from power should he go against the law. Let us explore how much power the American president has and whether or not the current US president Donald Trump is abusing the same.

First, the US president is the commander in chief. He has the mandate to command the army and has full authority over the military policy that is inclusive of individuals around the world. The US president is supposed to implement and enforce the written laws, appoint the federal agencies that include the cabinet. Secondly, the president is the head of state that is he represents power and authority over the people of the United States. He heads the government and is in full power of the political activities happening in the government. He is responsible for appointing key personnel in the government such as the ambassadors, cabinet secretaries as well as the heads of agencies such as NSA, FBI, and CIA. The Federal Reserve banks chairman who holds a powerful position in the economy is also appointed by the president. He appoints judges of the supreme courts who interpret the Law of the US constitution and solve disputes.

Additionally, the US president acts as a de facto leader across the globe. This means that most of the countries around the world consult him before undertaking an important activity. For instance, Libya has on several occasions consulted the US for aid and support. Likewise, the US president has the power to veto bills or sign the legislation into law presented to him by the Congress unless they have 2/3 votes in the two houses. Likewise, the president has the power to grant pardons and reprieves for the federal offenses.

A significant number of people in the US and across the globe believe that Trump is abusing and misusing his presidential powers. The trump administration according to research poses a great threat to the law, for instance, the current present recently fired James Comey who was the FBI director. He asked the FBI director to stop investigating Michael Flynn who was once an advisor in the national security. This according to the Americans is an abuse of power.The president is not in any way allowed to grant pardon to people in a way that obstructs justice. He has currently been spotted consulting his advisers on his power to pardon individuals including him. In the event where the present is proven to have pardoned his close aid or family in a way that obstructs justice, he is likely to be persecuted.

In the US today, there are raising questions concerning the powers of the president within the stipulated law. Immediately Donald Trump became the present, his temperament and decision-making have been questioned as he disregards the policy experts to favor other advisors that have no experience.