Immigration Facts You Don’t Know

In this article, we will list some of the lesser known facts related to immigration. We will also address some popular statements, which are commonly repeated but not completely accurate.

Did Obama really deport more immigrants than any other president?

2.5 million people were deported during the administration of Barack Obama, which is a record-setting number. However, some factors should be considered, before making any large statements. Although that number is correct, it is mostly influenced by the difference in the definition of deportation during Obama’s administration, when compared to previous presidents.

To elaborate, at the time of Obamas administration, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement changed some factors about what people should get counted in the Immigration statistic. That is mostly true for the deportation on the US – Mexican border. Majority of the people who were counted as deported immigrants during Obama’s presidency wouldn’t be a part of the previous lists. On the contrary, the US would previously define these people as voluntary returns and didn’t count them in their statistics.

It is estimated that almost two-thirds of immigrants that were deported by Obama would previously not be defined as deportations. Thus, although Obama did deport a lot of people in his time, the fact that he beat all his predecessors with this number may not be entirely true.

Trump keeps giving misleading statements about immigration.

To counter those who attack him for his ideas against immigrants, Trump occasionally gives completely false statements. Let’s take a look at one of his comments that were proven to be untrue:

Visa lottery entrants are randomly chosen indeed; however, they have to pass many strict requirements before they apply. They have to provide medical and police reports, education and work experience, to name a few.

This statement is just an example, and there are countless remarks about Trump providing misleading immigration information on a regular basis.

Lawful immigrants facts

More than 33 million lawful immigrants permanently live in the US, according to the most recent statistics. Although media mostly covers illegal immigrants, deportations, and similar news, there are many surprising facts about those who legally found their place as US residents:

– More than million green cards are granted each year. However, most of the immigrants that received permanent resident status have a member of the family in the US. To be exact: a relative or a close friend have sponsored 65% of them.

– In general, lawful immigrants arrive from different areas than their illegal counterparts. Pew Research Center estimates the percent of immigrants who come from Asia, Canada, and the Carribean and have a green card, is much higher than for those from Mexico. However, when we look at the numbers, more than 170 000 Mexicans with approved resident status come to the US each year, which is more than China and India combined.

– Most lawful immigrants reside in large cities. They prefer New York and Los Angeles, while some of them also live in Miami, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington DC. More than 40 percent of lawful immigrants reside in these six cities.

– 75% of the legal immigrants are in the working age (18-64), which is a very high percentage, especially when you compare it with the US-born residents (60%). They occupy 20% of the entire US workforce when it comes to farming and similar occupations, while less than 9% does office related jobs.