The Benefits and Limitations of Entering England Today as an Immigrant

There are many immigrants enter England for a variety of reasons. And the pros and cons of immigration have been greatly discussed in many quarters, including the media. There are different economic together with labor market factors making England remain a top immigration destination. There are also many benefits that migrating to England provide the immigrant, though it comes also with some limitations.

According to a 2014 London School of Economics survey, there were around 863, 000 individuals illegally living in Britain. Out of those, 604,000 were living in London.

The LSE report also said by definition it is not easy to exact on numbers involved. It said illegal immigrants involved people who illegally entered the country and those people who have overstayed, though they legally entered. The report authors believe most illegal residents are those who legally entered, but have overstayed.

So, what makes immigrants prefer England and their immigration policy?

Established networks, study opportunities, and language are all factors encouraging people to migrate to England. The most common reason why non-British citizens were reported in a 2016 survey to be coming to the UK was work. Around 50 percent came for work, while those who came for studies was 27 percent. Lastly, migrating for family reasons were reported to be 17 percent.

Particularly, the report says EU citizens were specifically likely to come for work, and non-EU citizens, on the other hand, were more likely to report coming either for family reasons or study.

The migration history of the UK also is a major contributor to present migration inflows into England. Existing family plus community networks in the country are said to facilitate new migration through reducing migration risks and support individuals upon their arrival. The networks may facilitate a search for work and reduce housing and childcare costs.

Also, historical and cultural connections with other countries, like former commonwealth nations, also are thought to encourage immigration.

People also choose to immigrate to England because of language factor. English is a ubiquitous worldwide language and, therefore, would likely influence many individuals to choose England as a destination.

What are the limitations that immigrants face when trying to enter England? It should be noted that Britons view immigration as among the biggest issues facing the society. This is according to many research and surveys reports about the present state of affairs in Britain.

Immigration policy, policies on trade, study and employment also may be a limitation to the immigrants who want to enter England today. For instance, the country has made it harder for students who want to study and at the same time work in order to send money back home.

A poll commissioned by Migration Watch indicated that 70 percent of those surveyed believed there should be some limit on the number of foreign students that come to Britain, some of them ending up as immigrants.

There are countries where old UK passport holders had to go through more trouble such as British Passport Hong Kong holders, or British Passport Indian passport holders, places that used to be colonized, were passed back over, and now a lot of people are left in limbo.

According to an article appearing in The Guardian, it is no surprise that after several years of uncontrolled immigration, England has a sizeable population of immigrants, and it is determined to get immigration under control. The immigration control policies have led to a reduction in the number of immigrants over the past years.

England still remains attractive for immigrants due to many reasons. Work, study, and community networks are among factors that make it a magnet for many immigrants, though the immigrants also face a number of limitations like finding formal employment among others.