What should you do in a litigation case where you can’t afford a lawyer

In some instances, the justice gap can hinder you from getting legal service. But you should not let this happen. No one is above the law. You should not just give up on your rite due to some financial constraints. Every citizen in any given country has the right to counsel.

If you so badly need an attorney in a litigation case and yet can’t afford one, there are several options at your disposal. However, the services offered vary depending on the country, state, and city. But at least they are available.

First, you should research about the available options within your region. If you cannot afford a lawyer, you can get legal aid. Legal aid encompasses free attorney representation services for those who cannot afford a lawyer. They are provided pro-bono/for the public good.

There are some organizations specifically structured to at least offer these pro-bono services. A good research in your region will reveal the reliable and dependable ones. Here are the available options for legal aid

Try Pro Bono attorneys

At least every lawyer is expected to volunteer for some cases. This is a legal requirement in law practice. So you should not shy off from contacting any given lawyer. You might be surprised the attorney might decide to donate their legal representation services to you.

Visit Funded Law Firms

There are some law firms that work as non-profit organizations. They receive funds from well-wishers such as private downers, Law Society, and other grants. However such law firms could be specialized only in certain cases so if your case falls within their mandate you will be helped

Try Legal Clinics

These clinics are specialized in handling civil cases. They do not do criminal ones. They are funded by Legal Service Co-operation so they do not need any profit from you. So if you visit them you and meet their needy-criteria of selection you will be assisted.

Try out getting law school student to assist

Under the supervision of a faculty head who is a practicing lawyer, a law school student can provide legal assistance to you. So if you know of any you can ask for aid. However, this will vary depending on where you stay and the rule governing your region.

If the worse comes to the worst shop out an attorney

I mean try pricing an attorney. Mention the amount you have no matter how small. You might think an attorney is too expensive only to realize they can offer some discounts to you. Even if they may not offer a pro-bono service, they might just take a little money. It looks a desperate measure but what do you have to lose when you are in a desperate situation. Hunt around and get one to assist.

They say the law is not black and white; there are variations that can be utilized to make you win over a case you were destined to lose. But, without a lawyer chances of winning might be minimal. So exploit the above options and get a good legal representation.