Why The Intellectual Dark Web (IDW) Is Extremely Important

The dark web has always been to some extent considered a shady internet section. It is a home of shady dealings that cannot be traced to the original people. But what is the Intellectual dark Web?

Intellectual dark Web (IDW) refers to a movement or group of thinkers looking to create a platform in which cultural discourse is civil and fact based.

Bari Weiss, a staff editor and writer of the New York Times, in his recent featured op-ed article talked about what is to be expected when you sit in a group of IDW members.

You expect to hear: about free speech being under siege and Identity politics being a toxic ideology that is tearing the American society apart. He pointed out that we were in dangerous times if such ideas were being considered dark.

He was right; it is true that anybody who tried to venture into such topics was met with outrage and derision.
But he was able to enlighten us on what IDW really was and what it comprised of. The members whom he defined as great thinkers, academic and media personalities who are enegades and iconoclastic’ – are willing to talk about any important matters concerning us that some people would rather not talk about.

The IDW is now no doubt rising as a uzzling political force’ which is talking about the support of nlightment values.’ It defines itself by plunging into third-rail topics such as racial differences and genetics of gender – Topics that currently seem to be even more heated in Trump’s era.

The members of the group surprisingly have nothing in common, but their impact on the political society is no doubt being felt.

Some Exclusive Dark Web Intellectual members

DWI consists of some exclusive popular members who have the power to voice their opinions and be quite influential – That is if people are willing to listen.

The list comprises of popular personalities such as:

oSam Harris – popular science and philosophical writer.

oJordan Peterson – a professor and clinical Psychologist.

oBret Weinstein – Evolutionary bloggist.

oJoe Rogan – podcast host an MMA commentator.

oAyaan Hirsi Ali – a human rights activist.

oDave Rubin – the host of the Talk Show.

oChristina Hoff summers – a scholar of the American Enterprise Institute.

The list is still growing and attracting its audience who are in actual agreements of their philosophies.
The members make quite some interesting arguments and heated debates which seem to be well supported by the fact that they have quite different political and philosophical views.

For instance, Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson have had many interesting and heated debates that have shown to impress quite a number of fans – to even suggesting that the two need a bigger platform.

It doesn’t matter to the public that the DUO, for example, are not perfect avatars of truth or such deep intellect, but any person who has listened to them will want to know them more. It is no wonder that the two and other popular persons in the DWI are now making quite an Impression.

It will take much more than is being done today in order to bring out the renaissance of ideas and visions for new cultural and human potentials – and DWI is the first step.